More Than Microwaving – Reinvent Your Leftovers

Growing up, we always ate leftovers. Mom would plan a leftover night into her weekly menu plans.  I loved leftover night. Everyone got to eat what they wanted for dinner.  I looked forward to enjoying things like lasagna and enchiladas that somehow seemed to be better as leftovers than they were that first night.  My husband, however, is not a fan of leftovers.  Since I can’t stand to throw out perfectly good food, this leaves me with a small challenge.  How can I feed my husband leftovers without him knowing he’s eating leftovers. And thus, “More Than Microwaving” was born.  In these posts, I’ll share with you creative and tasty ways to reinvent leftovers from recently shared recipes.  Today, I’ll share how to use leftover Black Bean and Corn Salsa to create a Southwest Omelet that makes a fabulous meal at breakfast, lunch or dinner.



1 teaspoon butter (or oil)

2 eggs

1 Tablespoon milk

salt and pepper

1/4 cup shredded cheese

1/4-1/3 cup black bean and corn salsa

Place a non-stick skillet over medium low heat and add butter to skillet.  While butter is heating, use a fork to beat together eggs and milk.  Add salt and pepper to your preference.  When butter is frothy, but not brown, add egg mixture to skillet.  Let eggs cook until set around the edges.  Gently pull edges toward the center of the pan and tip the skillet so that the uncooked egg runs to the edges and covers the exposed skillet bottom.  Continue cooking until egg is almost completely set.  Loosen the edges of the cooked egg all the way around the pan.  Sprinkle the shredded cheese in a line down the center of the cooked egg.  Pour the salsa on top of the shredded cheese.  Fold one side of the omelet over the fillings.  Loosen the entire omelet from the pan.  Slide the folded edge toward your plate carefully and flip the unfolded edge on top.  Garnish with more salsa and extra cheese if desired. 



2 responses

  1. I think this should be a weekly segment… maybe on Mondays!!! More than Microwaving Mondays from MorethanMeatloaf!!!


    1. It’s going to be a regular category. I can’t guarantee it will always be on Monday. I’m just not that organized. But, you can check out all my leftover reinventions in the More Than Microwaving category in the box to the right.


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