Green Chile Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

Say that 10 times fast.  Ok, so not that hard, but certainly a mouthful.  And a mouthful of flavor.  If you’ve ever looked at visiting New Mexico, it’s no secret that our claim to fame is the green chile cheeseburger.  Our tourism department even took the time to organize a Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail.  If, however, a road trip is out of the question, with just a little effort (and a grocery store with a good international aisle), you can make a great green chile cheeseburger in the comfort of your own home.  I make these slider sized.  My kids just think it is fun to eat anything in miniature, and I really can’t disagree.  If you can’t get whole green chiles, chopped will work just fine.  Frozen is better, but canned will work if you drain them.  Most places serve these with American cheese, and they are quite delicious that way, but I find a good cheddar is even better.  If you want to up the spice factor, they are also excellent with pepper jack cheese.

There is noting like giving away your burger secret in the first step of a recipe.  Grate some onion.  Just grab your regular old box grater and grate it up.  I use about 2 T of onion per pound of hamburger.


Now, I like my burgers to have the texture of a burger, not meatloaf.  So, when I go to mix the onion and spices in, I do a lot of turning and almost no squeezing or mashing.  I looks like this when I’m done.


I shape 1lb of ground beef into 8 slider patties.  Don’t cook them yet though.  Here is secret number 2.  When I’m making burgers inside, I cook the bacon in my cast iron skillet and then cook my burgers in the same pan.  Um, yeah, bacon fat makes everything better.  I slice my bacon in half before cooking because it makes it the perfect size for a slider.  My husband and I don’t agree on how bacon should be cooked.  The limp stuff on the left is his and the extra crispy stuff on the right is mine.


Cook the slider patties on one side until they are cooked halfway through.  Then flip and finish cooking.  Add the cheese on top in the last couple of minutes of cooking, or, if you’re like me and your husband calls halfway through cooking to tell you he’s going to be later than planned, pull the cooked patties out onto a plate then top with cheese and put in an oven set to warm.  The cheese will melt beautifully.  Oh, and the naked patties, those are for my 3 year old who is having issues with cheese on any meat right now.


Buy some good quality rolls from the bakery.  Split them open, butter and toast.  There is nothing quite like serving a burger on a toasted bun.


Stack bun and meat and top with green chile then bacon.  Mustard is the traditional condiment, but mayo is also acceptable.  Lettuce, tomato and onion if you wish.  Personally, I don’t use any of those.



1 pound ground beef

2 T grated onion

1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning (or season salt)

4 slices bacon

4 slices cheese

4 green chiles, roasted, peeled and seeded

8 slider buns (or dinner rolls)

Gently mix together ground beef, grated onion and seasoning.  Form into 8 patties.

Cut bacon into halves.  Cook in a cast iron skillet over low heat until desired crispness. Remove from pan

Turn heat up to medium high.  Cook slider patties in hot bacon grease.  Add cheese when patties are almost done.

Slice open buns and spread inside with butter.  Heat up a heavy bottomed skillet over medium heat.  Place buns butter side down in hot skillet and toast until golden brown.

Top each toasted bun with one patty, two half slices of bacon and one green chile. Garnish as desired.


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