About Me

Food has always been a big part of my life.  My earliest memories are of cooking with my mother and eating with my family.  The recipes on this page are born out of a need to feed my family of 5 and my tendency to get bored with the same old thing.  I try to limit processed food.  My husband would live on Ramen, frozen pizzas and fast food.  My daughter will eat almost anything.  My older son likes meat and sweets.  My youngest hasn’t made up his mind yet, except that he hates green beans.  The food and stories I share here are things I really make and that my family and friends really eat.  Some of them are old standbys.  Some of them are things that happened when I just started throwing ingredients together.  Some of them are reinventions of classics.  All of them are foods we ate instead of throwing out (and trust me, there are nights the pizza delivery guy provides dinner).  I invite you to read, cook, share and enjoy with me as I share these parts of me with you.




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